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Banner Ad Specs

Image types:
.gif, .jpg, .html, swf

Animation allowed:
Yes, animated gifs and flash movies for banner ads are accepted.

All submitted banner ads should be 300 pixels wide by 30 pixels tall.

72 dpi

File Size
Keep your banner under 20K, preferably under 15K in size. If your banner is too large, you can:

• optimize it automatically using Adobe ImageReady or Fireworks
• use fewer colors
• delete some frames of your animation

Flash guidelines:
• Links MUST be prepared by embedding them into the movie or using Macromedia's clickTAG technology
• SaveNow! closes the pop-up "onClick" so it is not necessary to write an "onClose" link within your Flash movie
• Baja Life Online allows all Flash versions

Baja Life Online reserves the right to reduce the size of any banner. We can display most Rich Media ads with no trouble. We will test any Rich Media ad with our ad system and verify that it works properly before a campaign starts.

Banner Advertising Customer FAQS

What is the click rate of the banner advertising program?
The click rate is dependent on many variables, including type of company, brand recognition, product, product offering, the ad banner creative itself, and the freshness of the ad banner. 

Ad Proofing FAQS

What reports do you share? How often do you share them?
Baja Life Online provides tracking reports that show total impressions and clicks received for each day the ad was live on the specific Baja Life site.

Technical FAQS

Why does performance vary in serving ads and delivering clicks?
One visitor's experience may differ from another's due to the ISP service used, the network, and the load. All of these factors may affect performance.

What graphics formats do you accept?
We accept graphics files in the GIF, JPEG formats, SWF. (this includes animated gifs).

What is the deadline for submitting a banner advertisement?
The deadline is seven days before the start date.

Creating That Eye-Catching Banner:
Each banner add image is approximately 15k in size and 300 pixels wide by 30 pixels high. 

Making It All Happen - Contact Us
If you have any questions or need more information, email us at info@bajalifemag.com or call us at (949) 376-2252.


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